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The Religious Pamphlet You Find In A Turnpike Bathroom

‘The world is on fire’, and we’re all friggin burning.

This post begins as we start the Joe Rogan podcast with Elon Musk (yes the meme). He’s currently explaining to me how he manages his time and accomplishes so many amazing tasks. Also, just passed the Big Mac museum aka a giagantic McDonalds. America. So you must know already based on those things, we’re near Pittsburgh, currently about 3 hours away from our first stop. The destination is actually not a gig, but an air bnb where some GOOD PALS and I are gonna be staying and working on some new sound waves together. I actually did this with another band Snow Villain recently and it ended up being a super productive time.

Riding in my Honda CR-V, pronounced KREV with a hard K, we are hauling literally all our gear... incredible. That being said, we have a giant roof bag YES BAG strapped down. Yes, I am freaking out about it. Yes the sunroof comes in handy for checking it. Yes I’m checking it every 10 minutes. Anxiety? That’s anxiety right? I can never tell.

Much like the title implies, I found a religious pamphlet in the bathroom stall telling me about some vaguely Christian religion, I’m almost positive it would fall under non-denominational. My favorite. As I was reading it, admittedly trailing off as boWell MoVemEnts passed, I realized that for some people this was happiness. True, pure, and incomparable happiness. And maybe even for me at one point, it was happiness. Not specifically the religious pamphlet you find in the bathroom stall kind of happiness, but maybe having an answer for the end happiness? Woah, that got dark quick.

*Avoiding darkness*

i am driving in a car with 2 of my closest friends, heading towards places we have never been, where it will just be us and the music we make together. Ahhh cliché. I love it. That’s my happiness folks. MAKING FUGGIN SOUND. BEING WITH PEOPLE YOU ENJOY. DAYUM. I couldnt more grateful to have a life where I can make trips to new places, play the music I’ve helped create, and do what I enjoy most.

Lets be real. Find you’re happiness. Find something you’re passionate about and BURN with it. Let it set your soul on fire and let it spread until you to metaphorical ash.

Happiness is different for everybody. One way isn’t right or wrong. If it’s religion, any religion, and that’s your happiness, be happy. Accept others happiness, accept your own, and live YOUR life to the fullest. Dont be afraid to just do what makes you happy. Don’t be afraid of the end, and especially if you’re not religious, DONT BE AFRAID OF THE END. All we know is of yesterday, and today, and today isnt even over.

(Shout out Emma Harrison, you da realiest)

If that pamphlet doesnt speak to you, that’s fine. Put it back where you found it when you’re all done your business and leave it behind. Maybe the next rando really needs it. Maybe it’ll just be another drummer looking for a title for his online journal thing.



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