Sun Not Yellow is the latest project for Cory in his post graduation life. SNY is a powerful alternative rock trio that has been trying to push their limitations since they began this musical outfit. The band has been described as dynamic, interesting, and intriguing in both their music and lyrical content. 

'Sun Not Yellow’s first LP is a heavily melodic and interesting rock debut in which the songs take advantage of their moderate lengths and deliver on dynamics. When asked about the album title, the band stated “Activity oriented meditation is the process of losing yourself in a series of motions or actions, which is a form of meditation that we all share when we play music together, and is essentially how we wrote the album.” It is apparent from just listening to this thing that the band has a knack for bringing all their inspirations together in pursuit of something new. On Activity Oriented Meditation, Sun Not Yellow makes the case that indie rock songs today can be much more than just recycling trends made popular decades before.'- Andrew Santora, UARTS Music Review. With their latest release, SNY has manage to capture the emotions brought upon one who is tie to technology, aware, but still trapped but the glowing lights of the screen. Check out Howard, Ohio above for a glimpse into SNY's newest addition of sound waves. 

The Mellowells are a 4 piece Indie Rock Band that Cory helped to start his freshman year at Lebanon Valley College. The band consist of himself, Guitarists/Vocalists Jesse Barki and John DiCocco and Bassist Caden Myers. The Mellowells are about creating completely original music that is derived from all four member’s vast influences and inspirations that anyone can enjoy through both personal listening and live performances.

Cory played drum set, aux percussion, vibraphone, and sang on this record. In addition to playing on Head Space, Cory helped to engineer, mix, and master along side Jesse Barki. 

Recorded @ Noisy Little Critter (Downingtown PA) and The Kaleidoscope (Lancaster PA)

Mastered @ The Mastering House (Pottsville PA)

Cory has played on many recordings for artists as their percussion and drum set player. above are two selections from after his time at Lebanon Valley College.

Brian Bradley is a singer/songwriter from the Philadelphia area who writes under the name The Dukenfields. Cory was asked to rehearse, help flesh out production ideas, and record drums for this EP while Brian played all the other instrumentation. 

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered  By Mike Bardizik @ Noisy Little Critter (Downingtown PA) 


Jesse Barki, 1/4 of the Mellowells sound, has put out 3 solo releases in which he engineered, mixed, and mastered the entire record. Cory has had the honor of playing drum set and aux percussion on all 3 of them. Above is a single track off of Jesse's latest release

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Jesse Barki (Lancaster PA) 

Northern Gloom 

Gloom is a state of mind for the working person in PA, and this band is one that makes music for the right fucking people. Cory Paternoster plays bass and sings backing vocals in this post punk trio made up of Michal Stipe on guitar and vocals and Brian Doherty on drums. Northern Glooms first record Watch... There it Goes!!! is currently only out on vinyl so for any one interested please contact Cory or visit 

This... Is MILO. MILO was Cory's first creative musical endeavor when entering his first year of college. Along side 2 of his closest friends, Scott Reagan and Caden Myers, they wrote and preformed all 4 years of college all leading up to their 17-song full length release. Below is a highlight reel of the record to help ease you in to the content that spans their 4 years of college. 

On this record, you can get a taste of Cory's song writing, signing, and guitar playing ability along side his engineering. 

MILO was engineered and mixed by Cory Paternoster//mixed and mastered by Jesse Barki//Produced by Cory Paternoster, Scott Reagan, and Caden Myers. 

For full album, visit