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Whose Hands Are These? is a emotional rock trio from central PA who makes you think... then think again. Meeting while in college but all playing in separate bands, the three came together for a solo project of guitarist and vocalist Cory Paternoster. Once Alex Rubin (drums) and Caden Myers (bass) came in the picture they quickly realized there was much more to this unit. WHAT? is searching, reaching, grasping at something much more that the norm. Exploring sonic vibes is the key that drives the inspiration of this band. There's not just one idea, but many overlapping and changing within. Some say emo. Some say rock. It is what it is... and it's not boxed within. WHAT? is currently prepping for the release of their first EP Blue Nuance. To preview any of that work as it progresses, visit Let's get self aware. 

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