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Sinking Into The City

Two nights in New Orleans and I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable time. We got in to the city late in the afternoon on Wednesday but it was the show wasnt scheduled to start until 10 so we we’re able to hang out for a good bit before playing.

The show was the circle bar and conveniently localed at the beginning of a roundabout. They were shooting a movie of some sorts so they had all these camera crews and blocked off roads around the venue which made parking interesting, but after being td that nobody actually tickets in the ‘no parking’, and that’s where we stayed. The show was stacked with two awesome bands The Bummers and Kwisiana. Both bands had their own unique sounds and it made the bill a memorable one.

Upon rocking and finishing said rock, we took pictures with the Oscar Myer wiener bus and proceeded back to our cozy bnb. We slept in plenty and our day off in the city ended up being full of amazing memories. We made our rounds to some touristy spots but definitely made the most out of the little holes in the alleys of the big easy.

The highlight was definitely DRUMVILLE. For me, duh. We went into the New Orleans Jazz museum which featured all the drummers that influenced early jazz and modern drumming! It was amazing to see that because there were so many names that I hadn’t heard of. i have a lot of listening to do now, but I’ll be better for it. It was insane to see how once the drum kit was created, it really changed the game when it came to what one person could do. Time has proven it to be limitless.

We ate, we drank, we danced. We had the best time and New Orleans treated us beautifully. It was suppose to rain all day and it stopped just as we made our way down stairs. Took some time today to explore a little more and get some sun in our worlds. Threw some ball and now we’re heading to Baton Rouge. Youll be hearing plenty about that and Texas soon! CP


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