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Peachy Chief

How many times have you ever pulled up to a road you were needed to drive down and it was closed? How many times did you have to unload your gear down that street so You drive down the closed one way? Chalk it up to 1 for these folks.

Raleigh was a cool cranny in the center of North Carolina. The early show ended up being perfect. Done by 8pm? People showed up to hear all the bands? nothing better on a Sunday. Superb and supportive bands in Exit Mice and State of the Secretary for the evening. We put the bartender/sound guy in a good mood, even if the chiefs did win.

They mentioned ‘the triangle in North Carolina, which is made up of Raleigh, Charlotte, and Asheville which can only mean that they might interested in having us back. Good signs all around friends!

Sat in traffic, remembered it was MLK day, remembered everybody has off, remembered that everybody will be driving around today, still couldn’t be more excited about seeing Atlanta for the first time. The memorial for Martin Luther King is near the venue we’re playing. Cant be any more in the right place at the right time.



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