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Once we’re through all the tunnels.

You guessed it. We’re going to Pittsburgh. Blasting deftones and rummaging through my bag to go over what I forgot. Turns out I forgot my glasses. Contacts for days, so we’ll see how that goes. Anyways, positive vibes people. We’re out here. Doin it. There’s some guy with a bat toy hanging out of his van like the opening scene of nepolean dynamite. We’re living.

So if ya didn’t know I play bass in a band called Northern Gloom, sometimes they get the short end of the social media stick but TRULY they are great friends. Even better musicians, and that’s saying something cause these guys rock.

I’m stoked on this tour and this sound in general. Post punk was totally something I didn’t know I even needed in my life. 80’s production with a raw band dancy vibe. Christ I love it. Oh, now we’re analyzing the lyrics to Escape by Rupert Holmes. Yes, the pina colada’ song. Eagle or squirrel? Anyway, post punk is sick and playing bass in this band has been a true joy this past year.

Brians wired on coffee. Road sodas are chillin. And we’re getting yelled at about butter lung. Most of this means nothing to anybody but inside jokes are what make life worth living.



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