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Its Sunday. The day of rest was relaxing but taxing. Austin truly knows how to throw down and make it last till 2am. Unison alarms at 9:15 never stood a chance. We got to hang with our old friend Split Pistols and met one of the grooviest bands of tour Futon Blonde. Split pistols actually moved from PA to Austin a little under a year ago and have been doing awesome things in the city.

As always it’s taken them a few months and lots of efforts to integrate themselves into such an intense scene but theyre definitely catching wind down there and have a lot of great things to come. They really blew me awha with their performance and definitely earned some new fans that were just people who ended up at the bar. Energy was on point. Futon blonde delivered as well making the whole place bop.

It felt like a great set. A single recalled flub in hot commodity but if that’s the only error then I’m not one to complain. Some time I get hung up in moments like that, on mistakes that have no play on the future and thats when your realize there’s nothing you can do but keep doing. S’cliche. S’true.

We went for a magnificent hike today and got some good food and a memorable coffee spot. Drove two and a half hours to Houston, HUCKED some football and now we’re here. Home of the Astro dome and the cheating astros. Also though, incredible large city with a very cool feel. Chillin at the bar in Houston, just thinking. Not about anything in particular, but just feeling a little beat. Lovin‘ it.



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