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New Year, New Places, N’otha Tour-NYC 1/17

Driving over broken roads being reconstructed. Talking about how there are too many people on the planet, but today we can’t help but be grateful for all those people. Specifically those who helped us and Arielle put this tour together all over the country. Those who will be coming to the shows and even those who see the event several times, think about it, and decide to stay at home but may listen to our music later.

The crazy part about America, and more so even the eastern coast, is that cities are so tight and that makes these tours a little easier when trying to execute. This tour on the other hand is a bit different than others cause we’re going south instead of north or west as we’ve done in the past. The premiss of Sun Not Yellow was to travel with it as much as we could and I think over these last 3 years(?) we’ve really accomplished that. This is that same idea continuing and coming to fruition.

NYC hasn’t been on our radar as often as we would like but that seems like an even better reason to start this tour there with our friends in the Nielsen Family and our soon to be new friends Zoochie. Im gonna keep this short and not get deep or anything like that like I normally do when my fingers get flying. Maybe getting emotional is for later.

See ya tonight NEW YORK! CP


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