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How Bizarre?

Charlottesville is one of those places you never really plan on ending up. Then some how along the way it keeps coming to your mind. A relative travels there. A friend moved there. So you finally make your way to the Virginian gem and you end up having the best time you’ve ever had in the lovers state.

If you’ve ever been, there’s an outdoor mall that stretches for blocks and it’s packed with some of the best restaurants, bars, venues, and coffee shops youve ever had the pleasure of exploring. i had chicken and biscuits where Dave Matthews use to work and play. Thoughts on DMB? I can dig. Yeah, either way it’s cool. And my flippin DUDE Jordan lives right next to it. S’great.

The venue was a tea house that had tongue numbing tea! I didn’t try it but their employees were so welcoming and they had so much variety. We played with two killer bands, Goodnight Daniel and Seventh grade Girl Fight. Goodnight Daniel were the kings of build ups. Their entire set was a big build to an unreal climax! And Seventh grade Girl Fight brought the energy levels up to the ceiling. The stage was tight and SO WAS THE SET AHHHHH. But foshizzzle we were loosey goosey (autocorrectEd to Loaded Goose)

Along with getting to hangout with one of my oldest friends, we got to hang with so many great people living in Charlottesville. We even got to hang out with our friend Corey from Philly who was visiting friends in VA and came out! Such a good time. The tea bizarre was a great spot for a gig. Lots of locals came to chill and even a high school student came and was writing up a timeline of the Charlottesville DIY scene dating back to the 70’s. Charlottesville is now officially my favorite VA city, even if there’s jam bands on every corner. I can vibe, hold my shoes. Jazz clubs on every other block? Sign me up. But parking sucks. Does that make it a city? Sure does. Raleigh NC tonight for an early show. CP


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