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Blurry Coyote

What a blur the last two days have been. After recovering from Houston, we had our final Texas show in Denton at J&J Pizza, which by far had the best ZA of tour... even if I’ve only had it twice. The venue was located in the restaurant underneath the restaurant and had a tavern look to it. It was a great set up, and for a Monday night show we were stoked.

As the gig started and the first two bands played, Bold and Brash & radio wore, other people in the town began to come in. By the time we played we were facing about 20 people, which again on a Monday is an awesome feeling. Steve Chadie, a local engineer who is known for his work with punk bands and willie Nelson came out to the show which was AWESOME. Such a nice dude with a lot of interesting stories. And the kicker? He dug us, as people and musicians. The feeling was mutual, very nice dude who was extremely excited and supportive.

The last artist should played was called the altitude who was solo, but had a looper pedal and really knew how to work it. We ended up hanging out and crashing at his place that night with his room mates cat howdy. We talked about different places to travel for shows and how We all go about making it all work. And he loves pigs. We Love Pigs Too.

We had a driving day north in the direction of Memphis where we’re playing tonight. We stayed at an air bnb last night in arkansas and made a great dinner. Watched Heathers and Nathan for you. the perfect off day. Now time to finish out the final stretch and make the most of the final few days. Tour baby.



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