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Atlantabama, FL

Woke up on a floor next to a freezing Georgian double door yesterday. Woke up in a cozy, tight, Pensacola apartment today. Both situations brings a morning smile to my face.

Atlanta was a hoot and it was so awesome to be surrounded by new friends that felt so familiar. After a killer evening and solid Monday show we got to explore 5 points downtown before heading to the city of 5 flags for our off day... yeah that’s Pensacolas nickname. It’s city tradition to fly five different types of flags instead of the normal just state and country; flying Spain's, Frances, and Great Britain’s flags as well as the confederate and American. Crazy!

Atalanta was incredible though. We got to meet some internet friends in person for the first time which was such a great experience. Truly grateful for those connections coming to fruition in real life. It’s amazing to talk to people who have been reaching out to you trying to get you to visit their town for years. When it finally all comes together, that’s the kind of thing that makes it worth it. Completely forgot about doing this little update over the last few days but I’ll keep it coming best I can!



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