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We Did It For The Free Love

Titled rightly so after an SNY lyric. It's cool, I had nothing to do with those lyrics so obviously I can quote it with out looking like a guy with his own bands tee shirt on. PS we've got some dOpę shirts if you look good in blue.

Was able to make it just in time to the show tonight for our Sun Not Yellow set for the Revelo magazine release party. Jesse nailed the kit set up tonight as I snuck in to hear the last sweet serenades of left handed Sergio. Played, felt great, another solid show! Ya know? Some times I feel like I black out (or something?) when I play. I have the beginning, part of the middle and the end, but for the most part I feel like I'm pretty immersed in the song. Music.

Now that I'm thinking about it though, writing through it here on this online platform, I can picture it. The feeling in the grooves, the moments of eye contact specifically, and the thought 'I'm glad I've been drinking a lot of water lately.' running through my head. Thinking back as were playing the end of Dove and how in Chicago when Jesse's mic fell, I was super stoked I knew all the words. Tonight though, I kept to my usually attempt at a harmony.

It also occurred to me that definitely need to practice singing with my parts more. I've got them in my head, but totally not as confident as I'd liked them to be. I don't even think confident is the right word, maybe comfortable? Maybe not confident in how comfortable I am with my parts. That sounds closer, ramble on. Definitely the main reason we had to play for fee love tonight, the hangs were tight. Harmonies to be worked on.

I was plenty warmed up for it after lessons for a few hours today. I felt my mind was processing creatively but more so the body wasn't keeping up for some details. I'm not a GYM D00D, but I do totally feel a difference in stamina when I have been actively going. So 'Let's start again Cory. 'Ok Cory. But first, let's go to Syracuse and get my ass kicked in racquetball by my girl.' 'Alright Cory, watch out for deer.'



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