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‘So how do you think Joe Burrow will do in the NFL?’ - Me to LSU Students

I had no idea what to expect from Baton Rouge. I barely knew anything about it other than that it’s the capital and LSU is located there. After a morning in New Orleans, we got into town and grab food before load. We had to find the venue, which is always a blast but upon our second drive by the lights were on and the space welcomed us.

It was a venue called south side arts center and it was an old car dealer converted into an awesome venue and art gallery. I also think that the owner lived there? We didn’t meet him but upon conversations with our friends running the gig we found out that he rents the space out to do shows. Very interesting, and also very cool.

We were the only full band last night and we ended up playing first. Usually you‘re like ‘ah man, nobody’s gonna be there if we play first!’, and trust me we thought similarly, but 5 minute before we started playing it went from 10- almost 30 people. We played to what seemed to be a pretty well attended show and it was so cool to see everybody digging what we were doing, Lots of cool people who wanted to ask us questions just as much as we wanted to ask them ourselves.

The other acts were all solo and really made the evening feel unique. From Mac demarco esk vibes, to a roller coaster of sound, to David Bowie covers, it struck something serious.

Super fortunate to have met John Elliot, Stevie spring, and especially Hal lambert who hung and housed us.




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