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Smashville Tennessee

Our tour has taken us the length of Tennessee, Memphis & Nashville were so great. Lots of Mom references on tour, whether it be a band name or a venue name, constant reminder to call ya ma all around.

We played our first house show of tour in Memphis at pagan mom house. Definitely a different kind of show compared to the bars of tour but still very cool. it started out with a good amount of people there, but by the end of our set it was definitely later than most anticipated so it the crowd was thinning. Thats not a big deal though because the bands were all super nice and supportive. The pagan mom rocked as well. She loved the tunes and loved the metal shirt.

We checked out Beale Street a little before hand and caught some great musicians, but as we’ve been learning most of the streets like that are tourist traps. Great talent, but definitely at a cost. Memphis was a sweet spot though.

We woke up, got the SECOND best breakfast of tour because now we’re breakfast specialists, and headed across the state to the music city. When we got there we hit up third man records first where we saw some awesome merchandise and vinyl. A Jack White fans paradise. White stripes and many other pieces of memorabilia all over the shop. After that we headed to the venue and explored west nashville A little.

The show was in a divey little tavern called Bettys grille and all the bands were NASHVILLE NASTY. Seriously though, unreal musicianship all over the place last night. AND it was done by 10. Incredible. Year of October, hungry mother & bad cultures were absolutely fantastic. After hanging hard at the bar, we stopped by santas pub to watch a few karaoke sets and then made our way to our friend Kearens house, bless him for letting us crash.Yes the bar was Christmas themed.

Slept In a bit, called the rents on a morning stroll then kicked it into gear by checking out a vintage drum shop called Nelson drum ship that I follow on Instagram. Forgot it was in Nashville, and so thankful I remembered. Walked out with some handy tools and Caden got an infamous LEVON hat. Then we headed to the Parthenon which is located in a park in the middle of Nashville. A lot of cool history to the athens of the south, and it’s totally worth checking out. Great art, glad to have stopped by.

Almost to SINCITYNATI. Second to last stop of tour, then the steel city and then it’s over (dad reacts only). Tis Been Amaxing. Will continue to be. Thanks for sticking with me. With us.



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