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Lake Effect Weather

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Chicago lived up to the hype. Did not expect to enjoy raining gloomy weather as much as I truly did, but it made me feel so welcome. Currently laying on a basement floor, talking to myself about my day, while the room is glowing with several phones of other musicians charging their batteries literally and figuratively. The other sensation is a complete fullness from the GIANT slice of pizza we ate at 12:30 am (1:30 am EST).

Another pretty wild place was the Chicago music exchange. Arriving early in town left us with only one option, and that was the heaven of professional custom gear. A bit overwhelming, especially for 3 dudes on the hunt for the best food at the best bargain, but still surreal to see in person. Lets cut the crap though... the CHICAGO DRUM EXCHANGE; wowza. I’ve never been rocked so hard by a tiny store front. Vintage drums, finished that make your eyes pop out of your head, and prices that we’re terrible obscene! I said no souvenirs, but a t shirt was necessary.

Special shout out to Four Moon Tavern for a bombass meal and playing nothing but live Bob Dylan the entire time we were there. Yup, we found the right place. And the icing on the cake was the beginning of Sweetheart of the Rodeo to round out the final sips of beer.

Overall, first trip to the Windy City was one that will keep it on me coming back. Truly a beautiful city with a wealth of culture and life. People are nice and they seem to always been looking to do good. We played with some dope bands too, which you should totally check out if you’re looking for some new tunes;

Cigarette Bums (CA)

Pam Macys (CHI)

Today Junior (MA, best band name award)

The Off days (CHI)

Its 7 am this time, 8 am back home and where we’re heading, which is Cevland Ohio. Gonna go get some browns gear and maybe squeeze a trip in to our Mecca, that

being the Rock and roll hall of fame. Apparently touring musicians get in for free? Stay tuned to find out.



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