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How Do I Do This?

So, I guess i'm starting a blog or something like that? This is an outlet I've been thinking about trying for quite sometime, but never thought I had time for... just like the gym. But since I just overpaid to have a website with a blog feature, let's get trying. My plan for today is to talk about what this blog may TaLk AbouT.

I want to keep you all updated. Other than social media posts I want, to have some more in depth content about this crazy awesome musician thing I'm doing. Between lessons, gigging, and trying to get bands to record with me it's stressful and blissful all in rolled in to one. I don't really know how to describe it other than that. Instead on a 9-5 job that would make my parents (and maybe myself) more comfortable, I have chose to have an overwhelming amount of small 'gigs' that make me really happen. But straight up, thank god for phone reminders.

I see a lot of people around me going about these types of 'gigs' (jobs, money makers, booty shakers) in different ways. Some are incredible and make me completely alter my train of thought and approach to this lifestyle. Some are TERRIBLE! And also make me completely alter my train of thought and approach to this lifestyle. When I say terrible, I more so mean for me and how I want to present my music within this business. You have to be able to learn from the good and the bad and especially from the people around you.

In Lancaster, I'm surrounded by some of the most talented people I've ever met. From musicians to bankers and everybody in between, this place is my home and *cough gags* inspirational. The cough gag is because I'm a cheesy sucker for this place. I know that I will have to part ways with it some time sooner than later to really better myself, but for now I will stay content and love Lanc.

The next post, thinkin' ahead, will be on my trip with my band Sun Not Yellow to Chicago! It'll be sometime on our drive between PA and our first stop in OHiO, so keep an eye out.


Keep an EYE OUT


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