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This tour has been incredible. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Arielle for helping out this all together and my friggin boys for being my making music with me. I love playing these tunes with these guys and playing in all these new cities. Its so rewarding to go to a random city you’ve only heard about to play music to strangers. Moving sound waves through the air to make people move.

Cincinnati was a super diverse bill and the venue was a cool spot on the east side(?). Sovereign Being was a psychy, jammy, funky three piece that bobbed and weave through some intriguing parts. Definitely a good meld of all their personal styles. Greer was a atmospheric multi instrumentalist that really honed in on whatever instrument she was using. From a trigger pad, to a banjo, to a harp, it ended up being a sweet Mix to a bill.

Heading to Pittsburgh, with a quick pit stop in Monongahela to see Viv. Should be a great way to end the tour. It’s prolly our 4th time in Pittsburgh and I really think that we’re starting to have some familiar faces on a regular basis come to our shows. I’m excited to see some friends on this final stop. The steel city is definitely always a little tough to get a foot hold in but I’m fortunate we get to round out the tour there. To grams house we go.



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