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7”- New Mix

NYC was incredible. Fordham university was extremely welcoming and had a student body who showed UP. Grateful for the chance to play their gated piece of paradise in the city. Met some new friends Zoochie, who coincidentally recorded their record in my original hometown of Belmar NJ. Eric was a stellar host in Oakhurst and we got to hear a lot of really cool tour stories from him and his trips playing gigs with The Front Bottoms. Of course we had great hangs with our pals in Nielsen Family band as well, almost feeling a little empty driving to Virginia without them. Luckily that void will be filled with one of my closest friends in Charlottesville THEE neffy.

We’ve played Virginia, 3 times(?) as sun not yellow and its proven to me with every trip that PA is truly the keystone state. 3-4 hours to so many cool places. I’ve heard so much about Charlottesville from Jordan over the years but as it goes, I haven’t had a chance to pop by. I will say though, last time we played Richmond him and his lovely gal Ashley came to see us and we had the most outrageous time. Looking forward to the same vibes in a new town. New spin on an old mix. Thanks for giving these little posts time and keeping up with this run of shows!


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